We’re all going through a lot right now, aren’t we?

The world is upside down, there’s a crazy pandemic that makes all of us scared to go outside, not to mention the political and social messes that are going on right now.

It’s enough to make a person break down and cry!

But don’t get out the tissues yet! We have some funny tweets lined up to make you feel really good and forget about all the BS out there for a little bit.

Are you ready to check them out? Let’s get ‘er done!

1. Do you find yourself doing this a lot?

I know I do…

2. This photo will now go everywhere.

Every site you could ever think of. Even LinkedIn.

3. What is wrong with this world?

We fell your pain, ma’am.

4. Imagine having that story in your arsenal.

You guys will never believe what happened!

5. Hahahaha. Sick burn!

Now it’s your turn, Mr. Reynolds.

6. Will you please stop interrupting me?

This drives me INSANE.


7. You two are really gonna hit it off.

I have a good feeling about this one.

8. What don’t you understand about this.

Not complicated at all.

9. Keep that stuff Monday-Friday, please.

Don’t need that on the weekends.


10. I’m outta here.

Hopefully they’ll take care of the place…

11. You needed to know that.

Aren’t you glad he told you?

12. You are not alone.

And you probably shouldn’t go this year anyway…

How about you?

Have you seen any really funny stuff on social media lately that made you laugh?

If so, please share all the good stuff with us in the comments.

We can’t wait to hear from you!