Gabby the dog has become a viral sensation for her fantastic athleticism, agility, and overall adorable disposition.

Seriously, you HAVE to watch this…

A breed known as papillon, Gabby was a contender in the 2019 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Recently, a video has surfaced of her running absolute game on a canine obstacle course–or, rather, a “dogstalce” course, ayyyy. Ahem, anyway, horrible jokes aside, her athleticism is rather stunning. As it evokes both “oohs” and “aahs”, it also a friendly reminder that motivation is doggone contagious.

Twitter rewarded Gabby with some sweet morsels of honest hilarity.

1. Motivated friend…

Because that’s what “mf” stands for in my head.

2. Contagious motivation.

And uplifting friendship.


3. Run.

Collectors can’t collect if they can’t catch.


4. #3 GOAT

Gabby the Dog gets respect.

5. Produced by Steven Spielberg.

And starring Ryan Reynolds as Gabby the Dog. “Through the Dogstacles of Life, we say to ourselves: I think I canine. I think I canine.”

6. One of these days.

I’ll maybe jump. Or not. Definitely not running, though.


7. Gabby goes hard in the paint.

Dropping dimes for dollars.


8. For real, you can’t stop watching.

The fun Gabby is having is infectious as well.

9. Settin’ standards.

The Papillon. Peak of the evolutionary line.


10. The Adventures of Gabby the Dog!

This episode! Gabby travels to the Dimension of the 6th Yeet.

11. This was actually very interesting.

And speaks volumes about the loyalty of canines to their humans.

12. A must-see for sure.

Because endorphins made from rare puppers run flawless obstacle courses in your neural network.

13. Finding inspiration in our four-legged friends.

I’d move fast too, but I only have two legs.

14. We all are, my dude.

We all are.

Gabby is certainly a dog of some amazing skills, yes?

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