Mastering art is a difficult task, but Stefan Pabst has spent countless hours and years perfecting his craft, and it shows!


Pabst works in a variety of mediums, covering a wide array of topics, but it’s his 3D works that stand out.


It’s hard to believe a person drew these, but that’s why Pabst uploads videos of his process.

Just look at those teardrops!

Pabst is also great at drawing adorable subjects, such as this cute puppy.


Pabst is dedicated to his profession and draws and paints every day at his studio so he can continue to improve.

Of course, you can tell he’s already great at what he does. He also posts videos of the works he did as a child, just so we can see that he’s been talented since day 1!

Stefan also shares his process with fans, doing tutorials and teaching people to draw.

Are we all going to become awesome 3D artists too? Probably not, but it’s great that Pabst is trying to teach us anyway.

You can check out more of Pabst’s work here.

Did you know it was possible for someone to even draw this way? Let us know your fave in the comments!