In a terrifying turn of events, a grandmother in China climbed down the exterior of a high-rise building for 10 stories.

In an effort to prevent her from wandering, the elderly woman had been locked into her home by her family members. As an Alzheimer’s sufferer, she likely suffers from the loss of memory, orientation skills, and reasoning skills.

In a bid for escape, the woman climbed out of her window on the 14th floor and then climbed down the building with her bare hands. She is reportedly in her 80s.

The determined woman used the metal bars of a ventilation shaft to make her way down.

Meanwhile, passersby stopped and filmed videos of the impressive feat. Firefighters received a call from a witness that an elderly woman was “hanging” on the facade of a building. She was carrying a red tote bag with her.

Firefighters rushed to the scene, and they planned to place an inflatable mattress beneath her in case of a fall. Just before that happened, though, she was pulled to safety.

Photo Credit: iStock

On the fourth floor, a family member of the grandmother opened their own window to drag her into their apartment.

The elderly woman is alive and safe, though it was not immediately clear if she was injured during the ordeal.