Thanks to public interest and research, we now have a better understanding of sibling and parent-child relationships. There have been fewer studies on the impact of relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren. But some new studies are giving us a better understanding of this important familial bond.

A new Boston College study shows that grandparents and grandchildren who take the time to bond may experience fewer depressive symptoms as a result of their positive relationship.

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The study was conducted over a 19-year span and looked at 356 adult grandchildren as well as 374 grandparents.

So why are these relationships so fruitful?

5. Grandparents Provide Great Advice

Their life experiences are a great source of wisdom to grandchildren as they grow and learn to make their own decisions.

4. Grandchildren Are Also Teachers!

As their grandparents let go of some responsibilities, they can find joy in their grandchildren.

Children can help their elders relax and be more spontaneous.

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3. Grandparents Are a Source of Comfort

Sometimes parents forget what it was like to be a teen, but grandparents can remind their grandchildren that they’re not the only ones who ever dealt with power struggles or problems.

2. Grandparents Might Have Connections!

As grandchildren grow, they have to make decisions about careers or living situations. Grandparents who’ve worked in that industry may have connections that could help their grandchildren thrive.

1. There’s Less Pressure on Both Sides

Both grandparents and grandchildren can have a more friendly relationship because there’s decreased pressure on them.

It’s great that we now have information to back up what we already know: grandparents can be great!

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