Sometimes, all you really need to lift your spirits is seeing a whole bunch of other people (and animals) having a great time.

One of the easiest ways to put a smile on your face is by seeing someone else having a lot of fun.

This collection of 11 photos of really good things that happened this week will go a long way toward kicking your week off the right way.

1. These best friends got to hang out.

This is seriously adorable.

2. This king celebrated his birthday.

And gave out cookies!


3. Instagram boyfriend leveled up.

He even called in a few friends to get the perfect shot.

4. This dog inspired a nation.

We all deserve to be treated this way.


5. Little kids stole everyone’s hearts.

Those handwritten letters!


6. August! Congrats!

I love this dog with all my heart and soul!

Meet August, officially the oldest living Golden Retriever! She turned 20 years old!
byu/Imzadi90 inaww

7. Who says we can’t all get along?

If they can make it work, any of us can.

8. This guy showed off his best self.

Four years of testosterone and he’s living!

9. One dog saved another.

He donated his blood and he feels great about it!

10. Stevie and everything.

I mean, who really can’t relate to this?

11. Booty pillows are a thing now.

Hello, marketing opportunity!

How great are these photos and videos? The one of the toad on the record is an instant winner.

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