Wearing a facemask has become a staple of everyday life in recent months. So when consumers go grocery shopping, there’s an expectation of wearing a mask before you walk through the door—at least for most people.

However, a woman in California has gone viral thanks to her issue with a grocery store’s mandatory face mask policy.

Shelley Lewis’ video, which has blown up on Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout subreddit, starts with her being denied entry into a Gelson’s Supermarket located in Dana Point, Calif. because she refused to wear a face mask. Of course, this didn’t seem like an unreasonable measure to ask her to abide by.

And, well, you’ll see…

Karen gets upset because she’s not allowed to shop without a mask, despite being given other safe options.
byu/bobamilktea1 inPublicFreakout

Demanding to see a manager, the woman claimed to have a medical condition that prevents her from wearing a mask. Somehow that didn’t seem to add up.

Incredibly, the manager stayed cool, calm and collected. He even offered to shop for Lewis. That only set her off further.

Lewis proclaimed…

“You’re discriminating against me now, do you know that?”

She then threatened to sue the store, demanded the phone number to Gelson’s corporate office.

Luckily, though, the man who didn’t let Lewis enter didn’t take it to heart. Instead, he broke out into dance as he wiped down shopping carts. That didn’t stop Karen from continuing her tirade.

Lewis said before leaving the store,

“I’m glad you guys think it’s okay to like infringe on people’s rights here.

You’re infringing on people’s rights.”

While she did cause a scene, one Twitter user pointed out that the true star of the video should be the Gelson’s employee for his awesome response.

Ultimately, Lewis may have tried to prove a point, but now she’ll be a permanent part of internet infamy as another Karen. And let’s give a shoutout to the Gelson’s employee for keeping his cool and showing off his moves along the way.

Have you ever witnessed a tirade between a customer and an employee? Tell us about the craziest encounters you’ve witnessed at a business in the comments below!