There will always be disagreements between the various generations in America. But perhaps no fight is bigger than the one between Baby Boomers and … pretty much every generation that came after them.

Lots of Baby Boomers are quick to judge Millennials and Gen Z-ers, blaming them for their own meager circumstances and insisting that they simply pull themselves up by the bootstraps (boy, if we had a nickel for every time we’ve heard someone say that!).

But one person on the internet was just sick and tired of hearing this. The person went on an epic rant, expertly demolishing any argument that a Boomer could make about “kids these days” and their lazy/entitled attitudes.

Here’s how it all started, with a commentary on what Boomers were able to accomplish when they were young people:

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The rant goes on:

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Here’s where he really drives the point home.

Because it’s just math, yo!

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And yeah, good point, where have all the grants and scholarships gone?!

It’s downright depressing!

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Mic, drop. Damn, this person laid some serious truth down on Baby Boomers!

We can see a lot of merit in all of his arguments, but we’re betting that Baby Boomers simply aren’t on Tumblr or Imgur reading these types of rants. Maybe he can say the whole thing out loud as a speech at his family’s next Thanksgiving.

What generation are you a part of? Do you agree or disagree with the stereotypes about your generation? Why or why not?

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