Weddings can be stressful, period. But imagine how you would feel if your childhood best friend asked you to be his best man, then rescinded the offer and went with someone else instead?

That’s exactly what happened to one man, who recently asked Reddit for advice. He wondered if he’s the asshole for deciding not to attend his friend’s wedding at all after the groom replaced him with another best man.

You can read the full situation below:

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Part Two

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Dang, that’s a toughie! On the one hand, who pulls out a best man offer in favor of someone else? That’s just plain rude. But on the other hand, it does seem a little petty not to attend the wedding at all (though weddings are expensive and can eat up an entire weekend).

Redditors had a lot to say on this one, as you might imagine.

Mostly, people thought the original poster was not the asshole. Some Redditors even shared similar stories:

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Others pointed out that the bait-and-switch is worse because the original poster spent loads of money on the bachelor party:

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One even went so far as to suggest he should demand to be repaid:

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Another pointed out that it’s just not right to pick a random “new” friend over a lifelong friend:

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And one commenter even thought there was something more sinister going on here:

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Lesson learned. Maybe the groom’s friendship just isn’t worth it after all, even if they had been friends for a long time.

What do you think of this situation? What would you do?

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