Some of the best and most wholesome dog stories come out of the United Kingdom and this one is no exception.

Recently, a dog named Stevie Ticks (I’m screaming) drew the attention of four housemates. Seems as if these fellows were engineers and all living together in a rented house where the landlord told them they couldn’t have any pets.

Which was a bummer because the guys really liked dogs and now there was no way to bring one into the house.

So, they decided to make contact with their neighbors who owned this great dog.

Shortly after, a letter came from Stevie Ticks herself, who sealed the envelope with a stamp of her own paw.

Is this not the most precious story?

It all starts with the four housemates asking to walk the neighbor’s dog.

Then, Stevie Nick’s adorable letter in response arrives.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Sealed with a paw.

Photo Credit: Twitter

She said, “Yes!”

Photo Credit: Twitter

According to Bored Panda, the meeting-and-greet between the young men and Stevie Ticks went very well and they’ve already played together at the park. Bored Panda also got all the details on Stevie Ticks too from her owner, Chris.

“She’s a 2.5-year-old sheprador. Originally from Cyprus.

She was hit by a car, had surgery and was then flown to a shelter in the UK where she was swiftly rescued by me and Sarah.

She loves playing tug, chasing birds and licking feet.”

Stevie Ticks’ family believes we should be friendly with the neighbors and sharing dogs is a good way to do that.


She even has her own Instagram account so neighbors around the globe can enjoy her friendly doggyness.


And, Twitter users worldwide loved this budding relationship between Stevie Nicks and the lads next door.

Not everyone is a dog person and landlords have legitimate reasons for not allowing pets. But if you find yourself in a similar situation–living in a place that won’t allow dogs–try reaching out to someone who does. They would probably love a dog-walker or sitter and you will have made a few new friends.

What a great idea!