We see a lot of questions on AskReddit about gender but it’s usually men talking about women or vice versa.

But today the guys are gonna get real about THEMSELVES and talk about what they think all men do.

Check out what they had to say!

1. Good job!

“After tightening down a ratchet strap, we shake the ratchet twice to make sure it’s tight and say “That ain’t going nowhere.””

2. You know it.

“Randomly get into very long daydream about how we would survive a zombie apocalypse.”

3. Just admit it…

“Hold your hand up against your chest like a cup while in the shower and just let if fall once your hand fills up.”

4. Just forget about it.

“As a dude, I think all guys get mad at someone at one point and then just forget what happened.”

5. Maybe tomorrow…

“Check body in mirror, decide to start work out ASAP.

Don’t work out.”

6. No looking.

“We stare blankly at the wall when we’re at the urinal.

Looking to the side is not cool.”

7. Can’t help it.

“If something is broken or cooking, we will flock to it like vultures waiting for an animal to d**.”

8. But why…?

“To venerate our mom as if she were a saint, but to treat our SO’s mother as if she were Satan reborn.”

9. The nod.

“We nod our heads upwards when we make eye contact with another dude we know, but nod our heads downward when we don’t know the dude.”

10. Time to save the day.

“Imagine completely implausible scenarios in your head of saving the day from like, a bank robber or something.”

11. Nice work!

“Grab clothes on the floor with their feet and then flinging it into the air to catch as opposed to bending over and just picking it up.”

12. Just get it over with.

“For no reason whatsoever, we will shove our hands down our pants.

Sometimes we just touch our legs, sometimes we hold our junk.”

What do you think all men do?

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