Betty White began her career in 1939 and has cemented her place in our hearts. The star of Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, White has been making us laugh for decades.

She turned 98 years young this year and we’re all left to wonder… what were her birthday plans?


It was actually pretty low-key: a party at home with family and friends.

The idea was to laugh, share stories, and order some food.


Though the actor doesn’t need to work in order to win our hearts over, she’s still sought after by many.


White has sometimes talked about losing friends, but she takes it all in stride and continues sticking to what she loves. The actor once said,

“I think that everybody should cultivate a passion.

Don’t be afraid to really get hooked on something.

It’s your mental attitude. So many of us start dreading age.

Make the most of it.”

Clearly, it’s working for her.

White’s health is generally good though she has some difficulty walking from time to time. When at home, Betty White uses a walker.


The legend deserves a great birthday party and has given us so much joy and happiness over the years.

Happy 98th!

What are your well-wishes for Betty White on her birthday?

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Do it!