People just don’t know when to mind their own business, do they?

You know that’s the truth!

And this guy wants to know if he acted like an a**hole for getting upset with a woman who butted in on his business.

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AITA for calling a woman in the supermarket a creep?

“Today I took my 3 month old twins to the supermarket by myself while my wife had a day to herself (she is a stay at home and I have been working a lot more due to the holidays)

While shopping my daughter pooped, and I mean she POOPED. There’s no changing tables in the men’s room and there was no family bathroom. I went to the Starbucks in the store and asked if I could change her on one of the tables in the back (I have a blanket and a changing pad in my bag, her a** wouldn’t be on the bare table) The barista said yes so I got to business.

An older woman, probably late 40’s early 50’s came up to me and started talking to my son who I was baby wearing on my back. He’s cute so I didn’t pay any mind.

She then started telling me I needed to make sure to wipe her “little tookie” referring to her privates. I told her I am well aware of how to change a diaper, she continued to critique (best word I can use) my wiping style and eventually when I went to change her clothes due to baby poop blowout and while I was putting her dirty clothes in a waste bag, the woman goes to put her clothes on her. I snatched my daughter up off the table and told the woman “I don’t need someone else dressing my baby, go away you creep.”

The woman looked flabbergasted and then started crying saying she was only trying to help. Pretty much everyone in the surrounding area told me that was an over reaction and she was only trying to assist me.

I feel bad for snapping at her. My wife told me not to because she would have done the same thing, but I feel like a d**chebag.


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