You know a parent isn’t playing around when they cancel a teenager’s birthday party.

Especially when that teenager is 16-years-old…

And it’s a female…

But that’s what this story from the “Am I the A**hole?” revolves around…read on to see what went down.

AITA for canceling my daughter’s 16th birthday party?

“I (49M) have a daughter (15F) and a son(14M).

Both live with me permanently as their mother lives in another state. My daughter has been struggling keeping her grades up and hanging out with the wrong crowd. I have hired a few tutors to help with some subjects and she is seeing a therapist. She will lash out sometimes at home and I will have to punish her.

She asked if she could celebrate her 16th birthday party at the house and I told her that I was fine with having a party as long as she stayed out of trouble and did well on her math test. The party is scheduled for the weekend of January 14th and we have about 10 of her friends coming over.

I get a call from the school on Wednesday that she had snuck in a water bottle filled with alcohol and one of her friends had to be sent to the nurse. I went to pick her up and she tells me that her one friend pressured her into bringing the bottle to school. She will serve in-school suspension for 5 days.

When we got home, I took away all her electronics and she can only use her phone for emergencies. I also told her that the birthday party will be cancelled. She got very upset and started screaming at me that I was the worst father in the world. She stormed up to her room and slammed the door.

AITA for canceling my daughter’s 16th birthday party?”

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