Are parents supposed to know how old their children are?

I don’t have kids, but I would say probably YES.

But what do I know?

Maybe I’m the crazy one!

But enough about me: check out this guy’s story and see if you think he was out of line for what he said to his uncle.

AITA for correcting my uncle when he was wrong about his daughter’s age and saying “what kind of father doesn’t even know how old his child is?”

“My uncle is neglecting my cousin Lilly (16F). This started about 4 years ago when his wife died and since then he’s been withdrawn. He remarried 2 years ago, and is obsessed with his step children but completely ignores Lilly. I’m 18M and close with Lilly.

He just doesn’t care about her, she can be away all day and come back at 3am and he wouldn’t notice or care. At this point, he doesn’t know her as a person at all. He forgot her birthday this year, but my sister and I along with a few of Lilly’s friends threw a small birthday party for her though.

Last weekend on Saturday my uncle was visiting us and was talking to my mom (his sister) about random stuff and during this conversation he mentioned that Lilly’s 15 and can handle whatever they were talking about. I overheard it and corrected him with “Lilly’s 16 as of three weeks ago, you forgot her birthday again just like last year” and then him and my mom went quiet.

Then he said yeah, he’ll make it up to her and I continued “what kind of father doesn’t even know how old his own child is?” and that I think made him quite upset as my mom asked me to apologize. I said “for what? telling the truth?” and left.

I gave Lilly the heads up about what happened and my uncle ended up trying to talk to her on Sunday night (he took his time!) which didn’t go well. He later called my mom and accused me of “manufacturing” this situation between him and Lilly and my mom is taking his side because she believes his parenting is none of my business and I had no right to call him out on that even if I believed I was right.”

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