I’m probably not telling you anything you don’t already know, but some kids get really attached to their bedrooms…even after they’ve already moved out of the house.

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AITA for giving my older daughter’s room to my step daughter?

“My new wife and I have our own modern day Brady Bunch – I have 4 children of my own and she had 3. Kind of, my children are much older than hers with my 2 oldest having already moved out.

Before she moved in and even before we got married I promised her and her kids a lot of things, one of those being a much better home to live in. I promised her kids they would each get their own rooms, something they’ve never had before.

The time came for them to move in a couple months back and I came to realize I actually needed to make the space. My 2 kids with me still were willing to bunk up for at least one more year (my daughter here is a senior so she won’t be home longer) and all I needed to do was get the clearance to give my oldest kids rooms to my step kids who actually need the space.

I called my older son, he answered and he was ok with me cleaning out the room. My older however was much more trouble. I called her at least 3 times throughout that day with no answer. I knew she was doing this all on purpose, not to delve too much into the details but her and my wife don’t get along – by proxy she’s turned on me.

At a certain point I was getting too anxious at the idea of disappointing my new step children, so I just went ahead and cleared both rooms for the kids – giving my older daughter’s room to one of my wife’s girls.

We went through a period of being a happy new little family – we went by the holidays (my older daughter did not come by for Christmas, she chose to spend time with her boyfriend of 5 months over us instead of coming home) smoothly. When come the new year, my older daughter was asking of something from her old room.

I have talked to her a little bit between the intertwining months but I admittedly didn’t bring up the room thing cause by the time I reached her it didn’t seem important, so this was the first time I told her what happened to her old room and how I honestly don’t have anything from it anymore.

The girl proceeded to scream and insult me. I told her how I tried to reach her during the transition and how technically since she’s been at school it isn’t her space anymore. That’s when she threw insults at my wife, which was crossing a major line from my point of view. Essentially it pushed me too far as well, I told her regardless of how she feels about my wife and her family, she’s been no better cause for me she’s just been a miserable brat ever since my wife came into our lives.

That was the end of it, and it hurt me to say that. I want to understand her issue but I also have to take care of my new kids, so I can’t always put her or her siblings first anymore.

I have no one else willing to talk to me about thing and still, knowing how she used to be and knowing what I said was wrong, I can see how I handled the situation might have been too irresponsible.”

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