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AITA for telling my mom I won’t cry at her funeral?

“I (29M) was pretty upset when I said this.

My MIL passed away earlier this month. She’d been battling cancer and we were really hopeful that she would pull through. My wife is obviously devastated. I am too. This is the first loss we have ever experienced and it’s hurting us deeply. She was a sweet, funny, wise, caring woman. I’ve known her practically my whole life.

My mom wasn’t around a lot growing up, I used to go to my wife’s house everyday after school since 3rd grade and MIL was always so welcoming. She was practically a second mom to me (did a lot more than my own mom did at times).

Her d**th is obviously hitting me hard because she really was like a mother to me in every way except biological. At the funeral my wife and I held eachother but we were both crying so much. We were completely wrecked.

It’s still hard for us to talk about her without there being tears. We have a 7 month old son and hasn’t been easy taking care of him on top of this. My sister has been really sweet coming by sometimes to help watch him or keep us company.

Sometimes my mom comes with her to the house and she’s seen how depressed we both have been. Last week my wife was sick in bed with a stomach bug. They came over for a little bit. My wife is napping so we’re all downstairs talking. My sister asks how we’re doing, eventually leads to the topic of my MIL. Talking about her gets me a little too emotional again .

My mom looked really put off. She tells me “I need to knock that off already,” because I have to be there emotionally for my wife and I can’t be crying too. Basically I’m supposed to be strong for the both of us. On top of that she says she doesn’t get why I’m getting all like this over someone who’s not even our side of the family.

She brought up the funeral and how it was uncomfortable for me to be like that too when my wife was the one who lost her mom and should’ve had a better handle on myself.

Her issue wasn’t at all that I’m not being attentive or supportive to my wife while grieving, it was that I’m getting emotional at all. So that got me a little snappy. And that’s why I told her if it’s such a big deal to her that I’m crying then don’t worry I won’t be like that at her own funeral.

That seemed to shut her up. But she’s still mad over it. Because I was super rude for no reason, when she was expressing her opinions about how to be there for my wife and also not understanding what I’m upset about. My sister thinks my mom should’ve been put in her place so she gets my side.

My moms obviously the one really bothered by it so I’m just wondering, was I an a**hole?”

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