You never want to disturb your neighbors on purpose, but if you can’t really help it and something you’re doing is still bothering them, what are you supposed to do?

For example, I used to work for a company and we had to pick up our trucks VERY early every morning in a residential neighborhood in Chicago and we inevitably made a lot of noise.

Well, as you can imagine, the people who lived in the houses nearby would get pretty angry that they were getting woken up around 4 a.m.

This story from someone on Reddit kind of reminds me of that…let’s see what happened.

AITA for telling my neighbour to get over it when I wake her baby up?

“My garage is about 3 metres away from my neighbour’s bedroom where their baby sleeps.

I’ve got a roller door which beeps quietly four times within 20 seconds of me arriving home and pushing the button. It’s so quiet that at times I can’t hear it when sitting in the room adjacent to the garage when my partner comes home.

Since my neighbour had her baby, I’ve made an effort to be more considerate of noise. Despite already sound proofing my rumpus room, I’ve stopped playing my drums after 6pm. I’ve also declined hosting friends outside in my backyard due to noise. I think I’ve been more than considerate, but apparently not.

I get home from work at 11pm and put my car in the garage. A couple weeks ago my neighbour approached me and asked if I could wait until the morning to put my car away, but I declined as there have been break ins to cars on our street lately. My car is also one that is targeted by thieves a lot as parts are expensive, and it’s an enthusiasts car.

I apologised but was firm when telling her that I will not, under any circumstances, leave my car out overnight. I also know that they sleep with their window open that faces my garage, but I thought it would be weird to bring it up and suggest they close the window. I’m also confused, as I have an after market exhaust on the car which is louder than the original but they have nothing to say about it.

A couple nights ago I came home to her husband’s car blocking my driveway just enough that I couldn’t get my car through. It was kind of useless because I pushed the button before I even reached my driveway, so it beeped anyway. They didn’t come out so I had their car towed and they haven’t done it since.

Today (Saturday) I decided to play my drums around lunch time in my sound proofed rumpus room. You can only hear minimal vibration from the kick from the outside, but it’s at the rear of my property and quite far away from any neighbours but they still had something to say. The wife came over and basically said she had put up with my noise for long enough and that she was exhausted due to the kid never sleeping thanks to the noise I make.

I was definitely still miffed about the driveway blocking situation from the other night and snapped a little, telling her that I’d been considerate enough and already made concessions in terms of noise.

I said that while it’s within my right to play music up until 10pm in our council, I’ve cut myself off at 6pm in consideration of her and her kid. I said that from now on she’ll have to get over it because I was done catering to her and her family.”

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