A lot of times in life, you just have to cut ties with people FOREVER.

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Take a look and see if you think this guy was wrong for taking away his stepdaughter’s phone after she did something that was really out of line.

AITA for confiscating my stepdaughter’s phone after she gave my daughter’s ex her new address?

“My daughter (22) got out of a very unstable relationship a while ago. She moved in with me, my wife and my stepdaughter (17) for one month than recently moved into her new rental apartment.

To be completely honest, both my daughter and stepdaughter aren’t close, moreover, I think my stepdaughter is the one with a problem because she had falsely accused my daughter of stealing in the past as well as trying to frame her just because she declined to lend her stuff of hers or do things for her. That was when they were younger. Now they have what I believe is called “civil” relationship but there’s still some tension.

Last night I got a call from my daughter crying telling me her ex came to her new address and she got the cops called on him in order to get him out of the building. I was confused I asked how he got the address and she said that he told her that her stepsister sent it to him.

My stepdaughter wasn’t aware of what happened I walked into her room and demanded to see her phone, she refused and resisted but I kept pressing, my wife entered the room after my stepdaughter started yelling at me for taking her phone.

I scrolled through her texts while both her and my wife were yelling at me and found that she had conversations with my daughter’s ex, and that she gave him my daughter’s new address. I showed her the texts and demanded an explanation but she basically told me to f&%$ off and give her phone back. I asked if she was aware of what she just did but she kept pushing back and yelling at me to give her phone back.

My wife told me yo give it back but I flipped out and told her that my daughter just got her entire life messed up again after what my stepdaughter dud out of malicious and hatred. I confiscated her phone and walked out. I heard my stepdaughter yelling and my wife followed me saying I was being unreasonable. I refused to respond and went to visit my daughter.

We talked and I made sure she was fine then had her move in with her grandmother til we figure something out, I then spoke with the police while my wife was still calling me. I went to stay at a hotel for the night and went to work from there the next day.”

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