Call me crazy, but I think that if your significant other is going under the knife for surgery, you should probably take the day off and go with them.

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AITA for going to work while my wife was having her appendix out?

“My (31m) wife (32f) was having a ton of really bad abdominal pain last weekend. I drove her to urgent care Saturday morning–she didn’t want to go but I basically made her. Urgent care made her go to the ER where they determined that her appendix needed to come out that day.

She called her mom before surgery. Her mom must have told both of my parents as well because all three (her mom and my mom and dad) ended up at the hospital to be with her during her surgery.

Now; here’s where the conflict lies…I was scheduled for work at 5pm that night. I’ve just started a new job that pays well. I only started it a couple of weeks ago so I am brand new at it. I didn’t want to call in. They probably would have been cool with it given the circumstances but I still didn’t want to do it. I didn’t even have the PTO for it; I would have either had to take the day unpaid or gone negative on my PTO. So, while my wife was having the surgery I went into work and pulled my shift.

My wife is upset with me. She is accusing me of “abandoning” her. But I think that is unfair. She was having a completely routine surgery and she had plenty of company and support.

It was unfortunate that I couldn’t be there and I feel bad about it but it’s not as if I’m a surgeon and could have made a difference. I had to work, period, and I’m too new there to call in. The timing sucked but my wife’s health outcomes were the same either way.

Her mother gets it and so does my father. But my mom thinks I should have called in. AITA?”

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