Sometimes, you gotta put people in their place.

Not in a cruel way, but if someone has it coming, then they deserve it.

But what happens when you embarrass your spouse in front of their friends?

Yeah, that sounds like it might cause a lot of problems…

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AITA for embarrassing my husband in front of his friends?

“I (26 F) am married to K (25 M) , i met him a few year back when my best friend and his best friend started dating, after that our friend groups kind of joined together. So all of my husband’s friends are also my friends and all my friends are his friends.

I’ve know my best friend (A) for 15 years, we’ve always been extremely close and lived together at one point, she’s literally part of my family, she comes to all of my family events, my siblings refer to her as their sister and she just been extremely involved in my life for years. Now, me and my husband have a 6 month old daughter.

My dad is extremely wealthy so he helps us out financially until my daughter is old enough to go to school, then i will take a job at his company that pays well. My husband has a job that he works from 7am – 4 pm and then afterwards him and his friends often hangout at my house or at one of their house’s.

Here’s the problem, my husband’s best friend cheated on my best friend a few weeks ago, she’s completely heartbroken and since they lived together my husband and i agreed that it’s okay that she stays with us until they work things out. She’s not really up to seeing him just yet. A is a huge help with the baby, she’s so good with her and the baby loves her.

When my husband and his friends get home they normally talk until 8 pm ish so he doesn’t help with the baby too much when he gets home, which i don’t mind it’s just nice to have a little help. Yesterday night my husband opened the front door , peaked his head in, looked right at me and A , rolled his eyes and walked out. Him and his friends came in a few moments later and were all being cold and rude to A all evening.

After an hour or two my husband walks right up to me and A and says “does she always have to be here? I want to bring (friends name) here tonight.” And rolled his eyes, i responded “if i want to bring my best friend into the house my dad paid for, i can, and if i choose to have somebody help me with the baby that you’re not looking after, it’s going to be her.”

His friends just sat there silently and he just walked away and sat back down . He’s giving me the silent treatment and A left and is staying with her mom as she feels uncomfortable being in the house now.


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