Here’s an animal story that’s so cute that it will solve literally all of your life problems! LITERALLY!

So, a woman adopts a baby cow because she’s obviously a genius. The baby cow is adorable on many levels, but perhaps the most adorable thing about her is that she loves to sleep in dog beds. See? Life problems gone forever.

Carly Henry is the human lucky enough to house this calf. She adopted her at two weeks old.

“I just really wanted a cow!” Carly told The Dodo. “I’ve heard people say that the love of a cow is the best thing ever.”

It’s not quite as wild as it sounds that Carly adopted a cow out of nowhere because she owns an animal sanctuary on her farm outside of Austin, Texas. Still, a two-week-old calf is quite the commitment.

But for Carly and her husband, it’s 100% worth the effort.


They named her Tulip. She likes having her ears rubbed, giving kisses, and lounging. She made herself at home immediately and tested out all of the beds in the house. Her favorite? The dogs’ beds.


Tulip isn’t greedy, though — she’s happy to lay in the beds right alongside the dogs!

“I love her more than words can say,” Carly said.

Honestly, so do I.