Parents out there, what do you do when you think another adult or a teacher crosses the line in disciplining your child? Do you confront them? Do you try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes?

One parent was quite mad after learning that not only was her son taken on a field trip that she did not give permission for, but that he was punished while on the field trip for getting in trouble.

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The parent told their story on Reddit.

“Okay, so at my son’s school they have a system where kids get points for good behavior and negative marks for behavior that needs work. There is an app where parents can view this as well as communicate with teachers.

My son’s grade (1st) was having an end of the year good behavior field trip to a skating rink. The kids that could go had to have so many good behavior points. My son was diagnosed with ADHD and we are working on ways to help him control his energy and to behave better. That said, he was about 5 points shy of being able to go on the field trip. Because of that I did not send in a signed permission slip or money.

The day of the field trip comes around and k send my son to school expecting him to have to go to another class room for the day. After school I pick him up and ask how his day was and he proceeds to tell me that they took him with them on the field trip. He said he was told to sit at a table on the side of the skating rink and to do a work packet while watching the other kids.

He was upset because he was made to sit and watch everyone else having fun. That is understandable because these kids are 7 years old. Yes he understands consequences for bad behavior but what adult thinks this is a good consequence? So since it was after school, I messaged his teacher asking about it. I have not gotten a reply. I tried calling the principal and was unable to reach her.

So I would like to know WIBTA for calling the school board or whoever I need to call and reporting the school? I’m not talking about just reporting because they did a messed up, hurtful punishment but also because I was not made aware my son would be driven from the school for that day.”

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Other parents weighed in with their own thoughts. Here are some of them:

“Forcing someone to be a bystander to their classmates having fun seems cruel and unusual and that’s ignoring the fact that removing your son from school without your permission/knowledge seems real dicey. Depending on how long it’s been since contacting the teacher/principal it definitely seems fair to take this higher.

To add to that, removing the child from the school property without telling the parents is bullshit. (And probably illegal as hell)

If I don’t sign a permission slip, I have a reasonable expectation that my child isn’t going anywhere.”

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“Not only is the permission slip situation incredibly dicey, when did they change the reward event into a punishment? That’s totally messed up just for the message it sends to all the kids — instead of, “Here’s the treat you earned for your good behavior,” it’s like a cautionary tale of exclusion and public embarrassment for anyone who didn’t earn the prize.

On an individual level, that’s very hurtful and spiteful to treat your son that way. How can he feel like his teachers want him to succeed when he not only misses the fun part, but they rub his nose in it and make a spectacle of it. Terrible teaching, definitely needs to be addressed on Monday.”

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