Star Wars has been giving us all something to look forward to during the holiday season for the past few years now. Filipino phone company Globe Telecom has gone viral for this sweet advertisement.

It’s best to watch the video from the beginning because we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say it will move your cold, dead heart.

Two young boys with ‘Star Wars’ fever collect supplies so they can build what looks like a DIY-spaceship. As they check their spacecraft, they realize it’s not up to their standards, so they scour the neighborhood collecting supplies and knocking on doors.

The ad then cuts to the project’s reveal, where the two boys take a friend so she can try out their new creation.

SPOILER ALERT. Pause here and watch the video first if you’re not okay with knowing the end.

Their friend, a little girl, sits on the spaceship and watches one of the Star Wars films. We see that the spaceship was meant to mimic the actions of the screen and truly immerse the little girl in the movie.

Spray cans, props, glitter, and water all burst out so the little girl can feel what’s happening. In the end, the boys ask her, in sign language, if she liked the movie. That’s when we find out she’s deaf, and the boys built the ship so she could also feel the magic of the franchise.

Per the Globe Citizen, the ad is about how “the wonder of Star Wars can touch the lives of everyone, even of those who can’t hear it.”

What do you think about this ad and how it displays inclusion? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.