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AITA for spending my own money?

“My (36F) boyfriend (43M) has been annoyed at me recently for spending money on shoes, purses, dresses, jewelry, etc.

I work full-time and have a second part-time job for fun, he has two part-time jobs that add up to about 10-15 hours a week in total. I pay 3/4th of all the bills plus all unexpected expenses, which doesn’t bother me since I do make a lot more. He can barely cover his 1/4th and sometimes skips paying because he doesn’t have enough. S**t happens and I cover his share those times.

I lost a metric f**k ton of weight and needed to buy a whole new wardrobe. With new clothes comes the need for accessories obviously, so I’ve been finding stuff I like and purchasing that too. I always make sure the bills are paid, the car has a full tank, the fridge is stocked, the birds and child are taken care of and some money goes into an emergency fund just in case.

In my mind, the money that is left is mine to spend however I like. I work 45 hours a week in a highly specialised niche job that took a literal decade of studying to get the required knowledge. Meanwhile my SO refuses jobs because “it sounds boring” or “I don’t want to be on the phone all day”.

But now he’s been making me feel bad for buying shoes and purses, because he doesn’t have money to spend on frivolous things. There’s nothing that needs attention right now (last month the outside of the house needed new paint so obviously I didn’t buy shoes but paid the painters) and I feel like I should be allowed to spend my money on things I enjoy.

We have kept our finances separate by the way, and even though it’s our house the mortgage is in my name only. He wires his share to me every month and I use it for groceries and internet and Netflix and such.

AITA for buying clothes and shoes here?”

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