We’re about to take a journey back to simpler times, when men…wore wigs…for some reason…

BUT, instead of men like George Washington, John Adams, and the like, you’re going to lay your eyes on DUCKS that look like they’re wearing 18th-century wigs…yes, you read that correctly.

I’m gonna go on the record and say that these ducks look like they could be aristocrats, real bluebloods, you know what I’m saying?

Let’s take a look at these very impressive creatures who look like they’re about to head to a fancy dinner hosted by Lord Something-or-Other. I think you’re going to be impressed.

1. A very distinguished duck.

Hey! You look great!


2. Two of a kind.

I feel like I’m watching the John Adams miniseries.


3. This one is a little bit wild.

But you’re definitely killin’ it.


4. Time to go for a ride.

I hope that doesn’t mess up your hair too much!


5. Is that Martin Van Buren?

Kind of looked like hi for a second…


6. Let’s get outside and play.

With our wigs on, of course.


7. Definitely an aristocrat.

This duck is really living life.

Crested Duck’s look like they have funny hair.
byu/Icon47 inmildlyinteresting

8. This duck has seen some sh*t over the years.

A very wise creature…


9. Well, hello there!

Sit down and listen my stories…


10. Wow! This one might take the cake.

I want this duck to live in my house!


11. One more for good measure.

You look INCREDIBLE. Keep up the good work!


Wow, those photos are funny!

And I don’t think I’ll ever look at ducks the same way ever again…

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