I really enjoy watching films from other countries so I can get a small taste of what their culture is like: how they dress, what they eat, the types of cars they drive, how they interact with each other.

You can learn all of these things when you watch movies from abroad.

And people around the world do the same thing with American movies. The only difference is that films from the United States are so popular all over the planet that our customs and our culture are exported to every corner of the Earth and everyone else is soaking it all up.

Which makes for some interesting observations from non-Americans about what our daily lives are like.

People took to Twitter to question whether Americans do the things they see us do in movies or it’s all just fiction.

Let’s take a look.

1. Some people do, I guess.

Not this guy!

2. YES. They’re terrible.

It’s a touchy subject.


3. Are you calling me an alcoholic?

I don’t like where this is headed.

4. We sure do.

You can’t miss chicken nugget day! Ever!


5. I wish this was the case…

But it’s usually only for special occasions…


6. You know it!

Huskies was my high school mascot!


7. Hahahaha. This does happen.

In the movies, at least…

8. I do not, but other people do.

I find it to be kind of disgusting.


9. I’m a dancing machine!

I thought it was just normal…

10. Which country were you in?

Oh, I was in Europe.

11. I can’t remember…

I honestly wasn’t really paying attention.

12. Papier-mâché all day!

Fun, but I was always terrible at it.


13. Dead silence.

I never really thought about that…

Now we want to hear from YOU.

What do you think Americans do in movies that are weird?

Or, if you’re an American, what do you think is strange about things that people do in movies from other countries?

Talk to us in the comments!