There’s no snack or sweet in the world that everyone can agree is delicious. That said, I feel like chocolate sandwich cookies (mostly known as Oreos) are about as close as it gets.

If you’re curious how all of those cookies get smashed around a bit of delicious frosting by the bag, we’ve got your answers coming up!

Image Credit: iStock

The Discovery Science Channel took a look at the process in one of their “How It’s Made” episodes, and as is the case with most packaged foods these days, machines are mostly responsible.

“Ever wondered how sandwich cookies are made? Get the full history and ‘making¬† of’ right here!”

First, the crunchy part (my favorite!) is baked and separated into tops and bottoms. Then, the creamy filling is mixed up and rolled out onto the bottom cookie before the top gets placed gently on top.

The machine puts them into those branded plastic trays and then slides them into the packaging that’s going to catch your eye at the store.

It’s definitely not too involved, which perhaps sheds a bit of light on why it’s so easy for them to pump out what seems like dozens of different flavors within the span of a few months.

The practice actually so simple that in 2014, Jerk Circle Media mocked this episode with one of their own, “reversing” the process with a hilarious narration that’s totally worth the listen.

So, now you’ve seen how it’s made and you’ve gotten a laugh, too.

What more can one ask for from the internet?