Most people want to escape danger – it’s totally natural. But if you run towards the threat, you might become a hero. Last November, in Dallas, Texas, a group of young men demonstrated such heroism when an apartment complex went up in flames in the early hours of the morning.

Resident Charlie Wilson was the first one to sound the alarm by banging on the doors of his neighbors. A passerby, Bryan Campbell, age 21, rushed over to see what he could do. That’s when he spotted a mother at a window, holding her one-year old and calling for help.

Campbell yelled at the  young woman to drop her baby and he would catch her.

Shuntara Thomas who had lived on the third floor told NBCDFW, “I didn’t want my daughter to lose her life. He told me: ‘Just trust me. I got her, I got her.’ So, without even thinking, I just dropped her.”

Campbell did indeed get her – he snatched the child out of mid-air, cuddled the coughing, crying child to his chest and walked her over to emergency responders.

Wilson, who witnessed the dramatic catch, told the Dallas Morning News, “It was just horrific, but at those moments you just have to have some kind of trust in this world. You have to believe in human kindness.”

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Campbell then joined other good samaritans dragging mattresses outside to help six other residents trapped on the second and third floors jump to safety.

“Everybody held the mattresses on both sides and we told everybody just aim for the mattresses,” said Darren Hicks who was visiting friends when the fire started and helped with the rescue.

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The complex was destroyed, but all the residents survived, thanks to these quick-thinking young men who put their own lives on the line to help.

Watch the video of the incredible incident:

Absolutely amazing!