As a hospital nurse, Cris Mamprim is used to dealing with concerned loved ones. But during a recent night shift, she saw some rather unusual friends waiting for one of her patients. Hint: They had four legs.

Photo Credit: Cris Mamprim

César, a homeless man, checked into Cris’s hospital in Brazil in the middle of the night to receive treatment. While Cris and her colleagues asked about César’s medical history, they noticed that he wasn’t alone. Four dogs were standing just outside the door, and they were, apparently, waiting for César.

The loyal pups refused to leave the hospital without their human.

Photo Credit: Cris Mamprim

Indeed, César sometimes doesn’t eat so that he can feed his canine pals.

Cris and the rest of the hospital staff were deeply touched. These polite dogs didn’t even attempt to walk into the open doorway to follow their owner – they just waited patiently outside, like the good boys they are! But the hospital staff decided to invite them inside, where they shared a meal with César while he waited for his medicine.

Photo Credit: Ana Paula Bogo

“Believe me, he ate some and saved a bit to give the dogs later,” Cris told The Dodo.

After about an hour, César and his dogs all left the hospital together.