I went to a “university model” very small private high school that had classes Monday, Wednesday, Friday with all other days dedicated to homework. And I mean ALL other days. Pretty much all the hours of all the other days. It was fairly brutal.

Then I went to an actual university. One time while taking a test, halfway through the instructions were to stand up, say “I am Spartacus!” and then sit down again.

We let out early that day.

Twitter knows what I’m talking about.

10. Extra credit

I really gotta hand it to ya for creativity.


9. No joking around

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong.

8. Dr. B

In the house with the dad jokes of the century.


7. And I swear

Look, you’re paying to be here, if you choose not to learn anything that’s on you.


6. Park it

There’s never enough parking. Ever ever ever.

5. RIP fish

You need to take time to mourn these losses properly.

4. Straight up

Say no more, fam.

3. Do the slide

“Unless you require a different hook.”


2. The amazing TP!

I think in early 2020 this would have been considered a war crime.

1. At the end of the day

Look man, easy come, easy go, you know what it is.

For anyone who’s headed to college – just remember: it is a lot of fun and your professors will probably be pretty laid back. But that’s because it’s on YOU to do the work. Don’t waste the money slacking off, yo.

Who was your favorite teacher ever?

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