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You know why the moms and dads out there come up with some of the funniest tweets in the universe?

Because they’re put in hilarious and ridiculous situations on a daily basis due to raising those little monsters.

Parenting teaches you many things, including patience, but it also gives you a great sense of humor because sometimes all you can do is shake your head at what’s unfolding before your very eyes.

Here are more hilarious tweets from moms and dads that we think all parents will enjoy immensely.

1. Those were the days, huh?

What a great kid!

2. She really nailed it.

A spot-on impression.

3. That was a total Karen move.

You now have a little Karen in the making.

4. You’re nowhere near being done.

And you know it!

5. Things are getting ugly.

Who the hell did this?!?!

6. Every day feels like an eternity.

Can we please go outside again sometime soon?

7. He’s not doing too bad!

He’ll do better next year.

8. Getting ugly in that household.

Time for Mom to take a breather…

9. Doing it the right way!

She owes you one!

10. The Seventh Circle of Hell?

Sounds about right.

11. Sounds like a real hoot.

You better not lose them!

12. It’s in his blood.

The instinct is strong with this one.

As usual, those parenting tweets are on point and totally hilarious.

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, please share something that you think will make us laugh.

A joke, a meme, a tweet, a funny photo, anything!

Thanks a lot!