If you’re married, we think that the tweets you’re about to see will make you laugh, shake your head, snort, and possibly even weep.

Why is that?

Because they are TOTALLY ACCURATE.

And what else can you really ask for in a marriage tweet, right? Darn right!

Hey, let’s be honest. Folks have been cooped up in their houses for quite a while now and it’s apparent that things might be a little bit…touchy out there. But we want to bring the tension down just a little bit with some funny tweets.

So let’s quit beating around the bush and get to the laughter, okay? You can start…NOW!

1. I’m not sure that’s a compliment.

I’m just sayin’…

2. That escalated quickly.

Things sure changed, huh?

3. You shouldn’t have done that.

It will never be forgotten.

4. You better make it happen.

Or you’re gonna have one very annoyed wife.

5. He’s clearly not paying attention.

Totally clueless…

6. Uh oh…you’re in trouble now.

This is pretty funny, though.

7. What are you, an idiot?!?!

You made the wrong choice…again.

8. The thrill is gone.

You need to get that spark back!

9. She’s very versatile.

Hey, I’m impressed!

10. He better keep his eyes open.

Heads up, buddy!

11. What will be it be for tonight?

You really only have two choices.

12. I feel a fight coming on.

Uh oh…here come the fireworks.

13. It was right in front of your face!

Geez…what’s his deal?

How about you?

Are you married? Single? Looking to mingle?

Give us a life update in the comments. Thanks!