Do you ever just sit back and observe dads out there in the wild?

Maybe you even do this with your own dad?

They all do totally hilarious things that make no sense but are just total “DAD” things.

Sneezing too loud, being annoying at restaurants, falling asleep in front of the TV in under five minutes every night.

Know what I’m sayin’?

Sit back and enjoy these tweets that will make you say “my dad does that!”

1. Who the hell are you talking about?

No idea who that person is.


Let’s go over the menu one more time, sir.


3. Not cool, Hulkster, not cool at all.

What a waste!

4. He has superpowers about that thermostat.

So don’t even think about it.


5. A story as old as time itself…

I’ve seen it over and over again.


6. Hey, it’s free!

And it’s really minty!

7. Up close and personal.

Right up in the face of the TV.

8. Let’s rock and roll!

99.9999% of dads out there actually say this.

9. This will do for now.

Maybe we’ll have an emotional breakthrough later on.


10. One of life’s mysteries.

Do you ever think about this at night?

11. Full blast only.

Until everyone else is bleeding out of their ears.


12. John who? Never met him.

My dad literally has no clue who any of my friends are.


Dads: they’re really something else, huh?

And by that, I mean totally hilarious!

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, please share something totally hilarious that you’ve noticed about dads out there.