Oh, those little angels of yours!

They’re absolutely delightful, aren’t they? And when I say that, I mean they’re delightful 100% of the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right?

Yeah, right!

You know the truth and I know the truth. They torment you, they drive you insane, and they constantly push you to the edge of sanity.

But hey, isn’t that what family is all about?

Good times!

Let’s celebrate the madness and the hilarity of having kids with these funny and very real tweets from moms and dads out there.

Okay, go!

1. This is very true.

And you know it!

2. Wow…this is really something else…

I don’t believe that I’ve ever heard that term before.

3. No killing of spiders in this house.

You have to make friends with them…

4. That’ll show ’em.

You are in charge. You are the boss.

5. What did you just say?

Cute kid…kind of…

6. Lots of dance recitals.

It’s a different kind of dancing, honey.

7. A classic Dad joke.

It’s a real zinger that will never go out of style.

8. You mean our kids?

This Dad is really trying to lay down the law.

9. That’s where it all started…

That was a dark day.

10. Sounds like a real hoot!

Fun at the pool! Kind of…

11. That sounds pretty ugly.

You know that the whole house is covered.

12. I don’t believe this for a second.

You actually listen to your husband?

13. A good age.

Let’s see what the next era brings…

How are things going in your household during this crazy time?

We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Tell us all about it in the comments!