Parents, we think you deserve a break and we also think you NEED a break if you’re gonna hang on to that little bit of sanity that you have left right about now. And we think we have just the thing!

How would you feel about diving into some tweets from moms and dads about the day-to-day hilarity that they go through with those adorable little kiddos? You know you want to! And you know you’d love it!

So are you ready to get this thing going? Go ahead and enjoy these funny parenting tweets…because then you know you gotta get back to wrangling those kids soon!


1. A new kind of yoga.

Isn’t that adorable?

2. Being present in the moment.

Does this sound like you…?

3. It had to have happened that way.

Scarier than anything in books or movies…

4. A cute kid…

Just wait until she’s a teenager…

5. Don’t ever say that!

It’s a nightmare! A total nightmare!

6. Now it’s your turn.

Have fun waking him up…

7. Forming a fight club.

That sounds like a wild house.

8. Please slam the door.

Mommy needs her alone time.

9. We need to have a talk…

And I think you know what it’s about…

10. Brush up on your crisis management skills.

It’s good for you!

11. That was a terrible idea.

And you’re going to pay for it dearly.

12. Ouch…don’t let him drive until he’s 25.

That’ll show him who’s boss.

Okay, all you moms and dads out there, now it’s your turn to sound off.

In the comments, tell us about the funny, maddening, and crazy things that your kids have done lately.

We can’t wait to hear your stories!