Y’all, this is weird. Or a brilliant hoax.

It all started with Vivian Gomez. She posted feed from her home security camera on Facebook. Clearly, the internet can’t get enough of this video, as people have watched it more than 16 million times.

The video shows a weird creature walking out from behind the camera, doing some combination of waddling and the chicken dance.

Here’s the clip:

Twitter user @jadynbee_ posted the video and asked Twitterverse what they thought of the clip.

Predictably, Twitter did not disappoint.

Some focused on the car:

Others saw that adorable Harry Potter elf:

Or this guy:


Other saw something a little closer to home:

Sadly, the most likely explanation is this one:

Some people took issue with this explanation, but I think it’s the best one:


To be fair, if it is a kid, that is a weird walk. But who am I to judge?

What do you think? Is it Dobby? An alien? A kid with unusual legs?

Let us know in the comments!