Fact: you’re gonna see tons of delivery trucks out on the roads throughout the holiday season. UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon, etc. With the rise of home shopping, these guys and gals are working overtime to get everyone their presents for the holidays, hopefully on time.

A woman named Kathy Ouma in Middletown, Delaware took it upon herself to reward the delivery people who are bringing packages to her family’s house this year and she left a basket full of snacks on her porch for drivers to enjoy.

The note reads,

“UPS, USPS, AMAZON, FEDEX – please take some goodies to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy. The Ouma family.”

Recently, a delivery driver from Amazon came by the Ouma house and he was quite pleased with the nice gesture and the selection of snacks left out for him and other drivers.

Ouma’s Ring front door security system captured the whole incident, which has since gone massively viral on social media.

In the video, you can hear the driver, Karim Reed III, say,

“Get out of here! This is sweet. This is so nice.”

He was so happy that he even did a little “happy dance” on his way off the porch. Reed said that’s been his signature dance move since he was 7-years-old. Ha!

Ouma said, “THIS!❤️❤️ Made my day! I leave goodies out every year” as she shared the video on Facebook.

Here’s another angle of those sweet dance moves.

Do yourself a favor: do something nice for a stranger this holiday season, it’ll make you, and them, feel great!

Happy holidays!