As we approach a summer where backyard cocktail hours and pool side parties will be limited in size (and fun) due to social distancing, a restaurant in Houston has a plan and an ice-cream truck sure to lift everyone’s spirits and glasses.


In Houston neighborhoods, when adults hear Bovine & Barley’s ice-cream guy coming, they’re the ones running out the door to jump up and down on the corner in excitement. But, it’s not bomb-pops and snow cones they’re after–not unless that’s becomes the name of a new frozen cocktail.

This ice-cream truck is bringing frosty adult beverages to the doors of neighborhood boys and girls of legal drinking age. The truck menu offers seven frozen cocktails–Moscow mule, pina colada, margarita, daiquiri, mezcal margarita, frozen mojito and michelada. Housemade potato chips and chips and salsa are also available.


The restaurant’s truck¬†schedule is posted weekly on Facebook and Instagram. They’ll also travel to additional neighborhoods upon request. Pre-orders are suggested and a food purchase includes free delivery.


And wait… do they deliver puppies too???


Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. But as the weather heats up, visits by this adult ice-cream truck gives Houstonites a nice way to cool off, relax and wave at each other as they grab a tropical drink and some crispy chips.

This summer social distancing thing is beginning to look do-able!