I struggled with insomnia when I was younger and let me tell you, it was not fun.

I guess I used to just be a nervous kid and I would worry about stuff while trying to sleep…

Now? I sleep like a baby. At least most of the time.

My pro tip? No caffeine after about 2 pm.

How do you fall asleep quickly?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Daydreaming.

“I daydream like I would as a kid.

I get so immersed in it that I fall asleep.”

2. Meditation.

“The trick for me is meditation. Practice it all day every day.

Don’t think unless you need to, to accomplish something. Once it becomes your innate state of being, falling asleep happens in about 30 seconds. Just listen to your breath without thinking, and if you’re in bed and it’s dark, you’ll fall asleep almost immediately.

Another way is to drink 3-4 9% IPAs starting at 5pm.”

3. Time to clean up.

“I play a game inside my head where i imagine cleaning my room.

It doesn’t matter if my room is actually dirty or if the dream room even resembles mine, I just pick a few tasks and get to work.

Focusing on this keeps me from getting anxious about stuff that happened during the day, which I find is what keeps me up most often.

Plus it’s relaxing, and i always fall asleep before I actually finish tidying.”

4. Don’t nap.

“You don’t nap. Do something else instead.

The general way to deal with insomnia is to set a wakeup time, say 7am, determine how much time you are actually sleeping in bed, say 5.5 hours, and go to bed 5-5.5 hrs before that (1:30-7).

Force yourself to stay awake entirely outside of that time. After a week or two at that, add on 15 or 30 minutes earlier. Keep doing that until you get to your desired sleep time. Also read up on general sleep hygiene.”

5. Pro tips.

“No caffeine after noon.

Don’t lay in bed unless you’re going to sleep.

And stick to routine bed/wake up times.”

6. That’s a wrap!

“I wake up at 5 am which helps me get tired earlier.

S**ual release helps a lot whether it be real or m**turbation.

I turn on my side, and that’s a wrap.

I don’t have any TV on in my room either. It’s dark.”

7. Changed their life.

“Sleep hygiene.

I used to be a full on insomniac, laying awake in bed for hours, getting maybe a few hours of fitful sleep a night, always tired. I’m an anxious person and stuff would just run through my head all night and I couldn’t stop it.

These days, I fall asleep within minutes and get restful sleep about 80% of the time.

Sleep hygiene changed my life, but fair warning, you’re probably not going to like what it entails.

Start using your bed only for sleeping and s**. Don’t read your phone, watch TV, play video games, etc. And start a regular bed time. It doesn’t matter if for a few weeks you can’t fall asleep, just get into bed at 10pm, read a book (paper or sidelit e-ink, no backlights) for 30-45 minutes, then close your eyes and lay there. Focus on your breathing, slow and deep breaths, direct your attention back to the breathing as it invariably wanders.

In general, try to avoid eating or using backlit screens (tv, computer, phone, tablet) for at least an hour before bed. Don’t drink caffeinated beverages after 2pm, even if “caffeine doesn’t affect you.” Try to get a bit of exercise every day, even if it’s light exercise like walking or doing a 7 minute HIIT workout.

If you commit to this for a month or two, doing it even when “it’s not working” I bet you you’ll eventually begin to sleep better.

After you’re in a habit, you can break these rules for special occasions once in a while and the impact won’t be as big since you’re in the habit already. But at least for a month or so, be rigorous and inflexible.

If all this seems too difficult, the half ass version is just no backlit screens an hour before bed. Doesn’t matter if you have flux or a blue light filter on or whatever. Just don’t do it.

Good luck!”

8. Wow.

“I was homeless for about a year.

One thing about being homeless: sleep conditions suck. I became conditioned to sleep through anything.

Now that I have a more stable life, falling asleep is a breeze.

So the trick? Homeless sleep therapy.”

9. Give it a shot.

“Isaac Arthur on Youtube. It’s a podcast with visuals so no need to watch.

His voice is very soothing, you can fall to sleep thinking of space exploration in the future.”

10. Tiger knee pose.

“Honestly for me it’s the tiger knee pose coupled with the fact that I have many heavy blankets on me at all times makes a great sleep.”

11. Like a baby.

“Lift heavy weights everyday. Each body part twice a week.

Work doesn’t help me sleep so I need to do actual weight lifting.

I sleep like a baby.”

12. All about the breathing.

“I concentrate on my breathing.

I tell myself to breath in-breath out and if I can keep my mind only on thinking breath in an breath out i will be asleep in less then 2 minutes.”

13. Could work…

“Start the process well before bedtime!

Have lit candles (of course blow out before bed), sprinkle Airwick lavender plug in stuff around the room and on the bed. Use some kind of menthol rub on the back of your neck and on your shoulders to relax muscles and finally turn on a broadcast with someone who has a monotone voice and talks for at least 30 minutes.

I’m completely knocked out in 10 minutes!”

Do you have any tips for falling asleep fast?

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Thanks a lot, friends!