You never how an idea will change the world…

Even if you and other people initially think it’s a dumb one!

So don’t ever let anyone tell you your idea isn’t worth considering.

What dumb idea do you think might make the world a better place?

Twitter users shared their thoughts.

1. Here’s the tweet that kicked it off.

I’m curious…

2. Big time!

Everybody on board with this?

3. Yes, please!

The least we can ask for.

4. The rudeness level.

Oh yeah?!?!

5. I like this.

Let’s do it!

6. We can only wish…

This needs to be implemented.

7. Sorry about that!

It would solve a lot of problems.

8. Stay out of there!

Not again…

9. Teach them some manners.

I agree!

10. A great idea.

What would you choose?

11. Oh man…

Get ready for a lot of silence.

12. Amen to this one!

Don’t you think so?

Do you have any DUMB ideas that you think might actually make the world a better place?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!