If you think about it, having a cat as a pet is a pretty funny thing.

After all, why did humans ever think that it would be a good idea to tame tiny lions and invite them into our homes?

It turns out that the domestication of cats is a pretty fascinating story.

Luckily for all of us, one person on Tumblr decided to explain how cats were domesticated so we could all enjoy the story.

“Let’s learn about cats” are four of the best words in the English language.

Look at the precious kitty!!!

But seriously: get ready to learn a whole lot about the number one option for a pet. Cats are magic.

We’re already learning something new: could cats have actually been domesticated over 6,000 years earlier than we all thought?


Okay, so this is a fascinating bit of history and things are already starting to come together.

“The floor is mice” are four words in the English language that I would like to never, ever read together again.

Enter: this savage beast.

Ok, if that picture didn’t fully convince you that cats are the baddest hunters ever, it’s okay.

More info is coming.

See, our sweet little pet cats have fiercer, wilder ancestors.

It turns out that the wildcat and the tabby cat really hit it off.

I mean, the answer is clear, right? We want kitties.

Of course, cats are far, far cleverer than humans (and they know it).

Cats chose us, friends. They. Chose. Us.

Or, you know, they wanted the mice so badly that they decided they could stand to risk dealing with people who know exactly where to scratch their jawlines.

omfg… I can’t go to sleep now…

Now the Egyptians come into play:

I am pretty sure this guy is crying a single tear because he cannot contain how wonderful his pet cat is.

We really owe the Egyptians an awful lot.

Up to 200 cats shoulder-to-shoulder?!

Keep in mind that we are beyond the point of nit-picking now.

Humans and cats definitely work together, even when also working separately.

So yeah… cats were definitely domesticated… right?

The only people who would ask this question are dog people.

Obviously feral cats and our precious sweet plastic-bag-obsessed cats are different beasts.

It’s cellular, man!

One more point!

Don’t you feel infinitely smarter? Don’t you want to read this story out loud to your cat offer coffee?

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