It’s no secret that we can all get caught up in our own lives and our own crap sometimes, forgetting that everyone else in the world is also navigating their own daily nonsense in exactly the same way.

It’s selfish, sure, but it’s also human – so we can all use the reminder that student Thomas McFall gives in this viral tweet thread about how his selfish take on a situation almost made him miss out on a pretty cool friendship.

It begins with the preface that McFall is taking a class, and every day he sits in the same seat.

Next to him is “some foreign guy” who, without fail, stacks all of his things on “McFall’s” desk until he gets there.

When he sees Thomas, the guy clears off his things and then gives him a high-five, and McFall really hated going through the same rigamarole before every single class.

He thought, why not just leave the desk clean and save us the trouble?

One day, though Thomas was running just a bit late because he had stopped outside the door to check his phone.

What he learned when someone else tried to sit in “his” chair was that the man next to him – the high-fiver – was actually saving that seat for him every single day.

He was touched, and a little ashamed that he hadn’t bothered to think of the other man as a friend, as well.

In the interest of righting wrongs, McFall did the high-five and, after class, asked the other man if he wanted to come to lunch.

He learned that his new friend was in America from overseas and sent all of his money home to his wife and children while he earned his degree.

Tom bought lunch, figuring that the lesson the other man had taught him was worth a lot more than a couple of sandwiches.

Better late than never, indeed.

What I love the most about this story isn’t necessarily that the man was saving the desk for his friend, but that McFall very quickly and humbly not only learned his lesson, but went out of his way to correct his mistake, too.

Has a virtual stranger ever taught you something valuable about the world or yourself? Tell us what it was in the comments!