There has been a lot of talk in recent years over the term “self-made” and what it actually means – and whether or not any of the billionaires we know really started with nothing.

This viral Twitter thread is unpacking the answer to just that question, and honestly, the truth is pretty darn enlightening.

First, Jeff Bezos definitely did not make Amazon a success with no help from his (wealthy) family.

Bill Gates also does not come from a family of paupers.

And Warren Buffet had some pretty sweet connections of his own.

Mark Zuckerberg greatly benefitted from his parents’ ability to pay extra for his education.

None of the wealthiest families in the country got there without a leg-up from the generations that came before them.

Some folks think there’s nothing but jealousy behind pointing out facts like these on the internet.

But others think it’s an important reminder that nothing comes from nothing – and billions of dollars almost always come from something (or somewhere or someone),

So the next time you hear someone saying that anyone can get rich and that it’s easy to get out of poverty and turn nothing into millions, you’ll know that’s not even close to the truth – family money and connections are pretty much a requirement to make a billionaire list.

And you know, if any of these people paid their workers what they’re actually worth, they wouldn’t be billionaires anymore at all.

I suppose that’s a whole different conversation for another day, though.