One of my favorite little things is about the internet is how we can all share in the little tips and tricks we’ve been using our entire lives and honestly had no idea everyone else wasn’t doing it, too.

That goes double when the tidbit of information ties back into your culture, which is the case with this Italian grandmother’s advice on how to open your bag of spaghetti (or I’m guessing other pasta, as well).

Image Credit: TikTok

The Italian grandmother in question is known as Nonna Elda on TikTok, and she’s from Toronto. If you’ve ever wanted a sweet and knowledgeable grandmother figure, or have wanted authentic Italian cooking tips to put into use at home, this is the woman for you.

Today, she’s showing us how to open a package of dried spaghetti (or other long, stick-like pasta) “properly” – and you don’t even need scissors or a knife.

She simply holds the bag vertically and in a loose grip, then gives it a smack on the counter. The pressure on the bottom opened the plastic seal on top, and voila.

Image Credit: TikTok

“You can just give it a good smack and there you go.”

I’m guessing the trick to preparing the rest of a perfectly delicious spaghetti dinner isn’t quite as easy to master, but keeping following and I’m sure you’ll get there in time.

Image Credit: TikTok

Or at least, you’ll get closer than you did before following Nonna Elda, and isn’t life all about the journey, anyway?

Take a look at the entire video.


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Happy cooking, and please, if you’ve got more easy but mind-blowing tips along these lines, our comments are always open!