Kids get antsy toward the end of summer. There’s a solution, though, thanks to mom and creator of Raising Dragons, a page dedicated to providing fun, educational activities for kids.

Her latest game is called the Hula Hoop Lasso Challenge. It’s a high energy activity guaranteed to burn energy while keeping boredom at bay.

Photo Credit: Elgin Air Force Base

What you do is gather up a bunch of hula hoops and medium to large sized balls. Tie some string to the hula hoops to create a lasso. Throw the balls around the yard and get the kids to wrangle them with their hula hoop lassos.

Here’s the video showing the action:

Game ideas are endless. See who can lasso the most balls. Or set a timer and make it a game of speed.

The Raising Dragons website and YouTube channel has many more games to keep kids entertained and outside. All that is needed is a backyard or other outdoor space and some dollar store toys like pool noodles and frisbees.

Your kids will probably come up with some games of their own too. They will get exercise for their bodies and brains. And you may get some peace and quiet…until dinner time, anyway.