I don’t know about you, but I could use some laughs right now.

I haven’t chuckled in a while and, as you already know, the world is a bit of a disaster lately.

So we can use all the laughter and smiles that we can get!

And we think these tweets are so funny that they do the trick.

Go ahead and take a look and tell us if you feel the same way that we do.

Start now!

1. Let’s talk about your body type.

Oh…that’s not what you meant…sorry…

2. I’m one of these people!

At least for now…


3. This is making me depressed.

Can we talk about something else, please?

4. Maybe you should just consider NOT walking anymore.

Hey, we’re looking out for you.


5. Listen, if you’re hungry just help yourself.

It’s totally cool with me…

6. This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

And you’re right, it’s incredibly rude.

7. I feel like you’re being a little harsh on the mimes…

They’re doing their best!


8. I think he means NO.

What’s a retirement plan?

9. This session is gonna be a rough one.

You better hang on tight!

10. It’s way too late for that!

You might want to work on this…

11. Let’s just pretend for a while…

Hey, they’re working up to it…

12. Now you’re getting suspicious.

Time to do a little detective work…


Okay, you know the drill…

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