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Here’s the question: if animals were the size of horses, which one would be the most majestic to ride into battle?

Let’s check out the responses from AskReddit users!

1. Indeed!


The rate at which a horse-sized hummingbird would need to consume nectar would be nothing short of astonishing.

You would need David Attenborough to tell you about it, let’s put it that way.”

2. Yikes!


Certainly bigger than a horse, but still majestic. And they use them for bombing raids.

So bada**.”

3. Can’t decide…

“Wolf or black panther.

If it’s physical strength is not a problem, then a peacock.”

4. Quite a sight.

“A queen bee.

Imagine riding her and a hoard of bees just keep following behind you.”

5. You win.

“I’d say a skunk. Horse sized skunk. Armed and ready.

Me riding into battle with a necklace of little tree air fresheners.

Plus when they are threatened and stomp on the ground and stuff? Imagine that but in huge stinky scary size…”

6. Terrifying.

“I choose a goose.

Not for majesty, but to strike terror in the hearts of my foes.”

7. Who knew?


Fun fact: Corgis are reportedly a favored mount for faries in Welsh folklore.”

8. Just imagine…

“A gerbil.

Imagine your mighty stead packing it’s cheeks with the bodies of your enemies.”

9. Ugh!


They’re so freaking fast and have the ability to disappear the moment you lose eye contact.”

10. Can they be mean, though?

“A Golden Retriever.

Imagine the destruction a horse sized Golden would cause, running & jumping around bumping into everything, slobbering everywhere, swiping everyone with their tail, and lets not forget picking up every single thing they can get their mouth around!”

11. Make the Earth shake.

“A guinea pig!! They’ve got a huge head-to-body ratio, & they’re basically shaped like a canned loaf of bread… Horse sized, they’d be terrifying.

Between the 5 foot tall face & the huge cylindrical body, the earth would be shaking under their feet.”

12. And it would look cool!


You can ride it into battle and its will look awesome and it’ll beat the s**t out of anyone that went near it.”

13. You might be right.

“An Arctic Fox.

You want majestic? You got majestic! The enemy would all stop and say in unison … “Wow, that’s majestic!””

14. Good answer.

“A ladybug. Sure, they’re cute and shiny looking, but they’re also basically living tanks.

Their smooth round bodies and thick exoskeletons allow them to plow through hordes of ants unscathed while gobbling up aphids one by one, and they can spray noxious acid from their mouth when especially threatened. And of course, they can fly.

So you basically get a living, flying, acid-spewing tank that’s also brightly colored to boot.”

15. Ants!

“Since EVERY animal is horse sized, and they retain all their previous traits. That would make ants one of the biggest menace to society

Imagine trillions of horse sized ants charging at you, especially the Argentine ants. Those ants will dominate the world, I tell you.”

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