Do you want to know what I don’t think is acceptable that our society deems appropriate for some reason?

The American healthcare system!

It’s pretty brutal, as you already know…and I have a feeling you’re with me on that one…

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say about things that society deems acceptable that really shouldn’t be.

1. Swept under the rug.

“Ab**e towards men.

Ab**e towards women usually is treated as it should be, awful. But a**se towards men is usually swept under the rug and ignored, which is probably a large reason why so many young men are taking their own lives.

It really worries me and it is hardly talked about.”

2. Interesting.

“The h**red for GMO foods and the organic food industry. While there’s issues with GMOs, there’s many more positives. Many foods you eat would be inedible if they hadn’t been modified ( watermelon and bananas as an example)

GM foods often take less space to grow, reducing deforestation. Some require less pesticides and herbicides and they create their own, reducing the chemicals that are put out into nature. Some are more shelf stable, wasting less food.

There are also many GMOs that were also created for positive health effects, like golden rice, which helps reduce blindness due to malnutrition. Places like rural Africa heavily benefit from this!

The organic food industry is manipulative and uses scare tactics to get people to pay their higher prices. Sorry but I don’t wanna spend extra on a tomato that lasts way less time on the shelf and most of them will be wasted because you can’t sell them in time, or that will rot immediately if I don’t use it ASAP.”

3. Truth.

“The list is long in U.S. healthcare.

Many things are confusing, inaccessible, and ridiculously expensive.”

4. Seriously.

“Creating tax havens for the rich to avoid paying taxes leaving the burden on us, and to add insult to injury the tax exempt foundations and philanthropies are used to manipulate people and politicians into the thoughts of the wealthy therefore erasing any opportunity towards a democratic society.”

5. All of it.

“The 40 hour work week. The American healthcare system.

Allowing a few out of touch people control the world. World hunger.

Homeless people not being provided help.”

6. None of your business.

“Asking women when they plan on having kids. At best, you’re creepily asking them about their s** life.

At worst, they may be struggling with infertility/loss and you’re twisting the dagger. It’s none of your business.”

7. Hard to believe.

“Conversion therapy camps.

In the USA, they exist and they are legal.”

8. Let us pray…

“Religions that hoard money.

If you are a tax exempt religion you should pay taxes or lost your exempt status over $xx millions.

Looking at you, LDS and all televangelists and Scientologists and any prosperity Bible thumpers.”

9. No escaping it.

“Judging and rating other peoples behavior and accomplishments.

The most horrifying case obviously being the educational system, where you break kids early and teach them to work for external approval instead of following intrinsic motivation.

Also interesting is the ‘versus’ mentality, where everybody is constantly competing to be the best. Its so normal for us. But when you look at cultures that do not embrace this its shocking.

No games where one can win and one can lose. No stories. No contests.”

10. Yes.

“Having kids when you are not financially, emotionally, structurally, emotionally or spiritually ready or able.”

11. It’s pretty much our national pastime at this point.

“Drinking to excess for any kind of celebration or after a long week or just in general.

Society has completely normalized getting wasted as a coping mechanism and we wonder why mental health is suffering.”

12. A big problem.

“Living your entire life on the Internet and not going out and talking to and socializing with people.

Look at Twitter for five minutes and see what the lack of socialization has done to people.

And this is not just a pandemic issue.

This has been going on for at least ten years. I remember Tumblr being the same way.”

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