I want to ask you a question

If you had the ability to travel back in time to witness a historic event, which one would you choose?

And why?

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1. What really happened?

“The Crucifixion of Jesus.

I am not Christian or Religious. I am just curious about a man that changed the world.

Or maybe the Resurrection day would be better. Did he really come back? How many “witnesses” were actually there?”

2. They were in love once.

“My biological parents’ wedding. It would be so interesting to see a couple I’ve only know as being divorced being in love.

They shouldn’t be together, but it would be fascinating to see the emotions behind where my brother and I came from.”

3. The end of World War II.

“VE Day in London, 1945.

Recent enough that it wouldn’t feel entirely alien, but SO powerful.

Plus I live in London, so it’d be really cool.”

4. The Fab Four.

“For a Beatles concert, I would go back to April 4, 1963. They played at Stowe School, and from all accounts it was one of their best live concerts. Photographer Dezo Hoffmann wrote in his book, With The Beatles:

“They’d never even seen an English public school before, but after the initial disappointment of it being boys-only, they were pleasantly surprised. They realized it was a lot of baloney about public schoolboys being snobs, and talked with the Stowe boys as if they’d always mixed with people like that. It was a change for them after playing to decadent youths in Hamburg nightclubs and they loved it.

There was no screaming and the audience stayed seated throughout, which was a shock to them. But for the first time they could hear themselves play and they really let go – they would have played on for hours, they were enjoying it so much.

After the concert they had dinner with the headmaster and his children and signed autographs for the boys.”

Sounds like a really special day!”

5. Crime mystery.

“Whitechapel, London. 1888.

To finally discover who Jack the Ripper really was.”

6. Revolution.

“I would love to see Prague Velvet revolution in 1989.

The emotions, the near freedom everyone hoped for in a near reach of their hands… It’s one of few moments of history that makes me proud to be Czech.”

7. Decisive battle.

“Sinking of the Bismarck or the Midway Battle.

Would be awesome to see either of these decisive battles that changed the course of the world.”

8. That would be wild.

“Assuming I’m guaranteed to return to my time unharmed and alive, I would choose 20 hours prior to the Dinosaur K**ler (asteroid) impacting earth.”

9. American Bada**.

“September 19, 1827.

Jim Bowie at the Sandbar fight. Shot in the chest and thigh.

St**bed several times, k**led and injured numerous men with the Bowie knife – survived.

Went on to fight and d** at the Alamo 9 years later.”

10. Big events.

“Either the signing of the Magna Carta, the French Revolution, or Mao’s ascension in the Chinese Communist Party.

All had enormous consequences on our current global order.”

11. Cool.

“I’d love to see the height of Aztec civilisation.

What did Machu Picchu or Cusco look like before they fell apart?

Was Cusco really a gold city?”

12. Devil in the White City.

“The Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893.

After reading Devil in the White City, must have been a crazy time to be alive in Chicago for this grand spectacle.”

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